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The Story

The Beginning

 Blu Moon began as a product of the Northwest's Indoor Garden & Lighting, Inc.  20 years ago. Our owner, Mike Long, strove to deliver a product that would be consistent and of supreme quality. The result was Blu Moon's original Two Part Dutch Formula. Made in small batches with only the highest quality minerals ensures that Blu Moon Two Part Grow and Bloom will always consistently deliver a high quality yield for all growers. Over the years, Blu Moon's base formula has stood up to and outperformed other nutrient lines.


After the success of the original Blu Moon formula, Blu Moon set out to create an equally effective additive line. After partnering with bio-chemists and horticulturalists, and years of research and development, Blu Moon is proud to present a full line of effective and unique nutrient additive products. Our additives are designed for use with Blu Moon's base nutrients, or may also be used in conjunction with other nutrient lines.





Calcium and its relationship with phosphates (phosphorous) play a huge role in successful horticulture. Calcium is considered the king of minerals, and originates from sources such as lime, rock phosphate, gypsum and bone meal. All biological systems are electrical in nature, and calcium acts as a resistor when it reacts with phosphorous. This electrical reaction creates the energy that microorganisms and plants need to thrive. The energy (heat or force) released from the reaction between calcium and phosphorous creates a greater potential energy difference in molecules that is utilized by living organisms. As the microorganisms pick up this extra energy, they release an enzyme that breaks the molecular bonds between calcium and phosphate which makes these elements soluble, thereby able to be easily absorbed by plants. This process continues over and over as more energy is released, and more calcium and phosphate is absorbed.


The microbial environment in the root zone is critical to this energy-releasing process. Plants use 40% of photosynthetic energy to feed the microbes in the roots. As the plant feeds the microorganisms in the roots, the microorganisms assist the plant in breaking down nutrients (calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium) into usable forms. This entire biological process will change as the plant's nutrition needs and stages of growth change. The process is symbiotic in nature.



Microbes include fungi, bacteria and enzymes. When proper microbial colonies are present in the biosphere in the roots, nutrient absorption is greatly enhanced; specifically the uptake and utilization of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. In other words, without the right biology, the chemistry and physics of gardening will not work properly.



The Philosophy Behind                              Additives, it's All About the Microbes!

Blu Moon products such as Andromeda Strain, Mycron Magic, Carbon Jolt! and Bio-Active Grow & Bloom are all designed to provide the most aggressive and resilient microbiology to your plants. Years of research have resulted in the development of microbiological strains that will not only survive, but thrive in the high mineral environment of hydroponics and soil or soilless applications.

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